Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Menu Board

I saw this idea Here and thought it was brilliant! I have never been a meal planner... which has resulted in way too many trips to the drive through
and take-out Chinese...

 I thought that putting something up that would be pretty to look at and help me keep our dinner plans straight was an awesome idea!

The original post from The Creative Mama was done a little differently,
but to do this the way I did,
here's what you need:

A Large Frame
Two coordinating Fabrics
Hot Glue Gun
Any Embellishments you'd like to use

I made a few changes to the original post to make it my own.
But in a nutshell... I hot glued the fabrics I liked (That happened to be left over from the 'Snail Mail Board' I made recently) Then hotglued some ribbon and left over clothes pins from this project.

After that, I made two little pockets for the dinner tab rotation.

Lastly, I added the letter's and made a few fabric rosettes and hung the frame with some extra ribbon. It look about an hour from start to finish,
so not too bad! :)

And there you have it! A pretty and efficient way to make and keep to your dinner schedule :)

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